About Giclée Prints

A giclée print is the highest quality print available today. Giclée, (commonly pronounced "zhee-clay") is French for "to spray". In brief, it is a process where the original image is digitally captured and in a collaborative effort of artist and master printer, the image is refined to be as faithful to the original as possible. Often it takes the artist to distinguish between the two.

In the giclée process, a very fine stream of archival pigmented ink is laid down upon thick, museum quality art papers. Many times it is produced on the same watercolor paper as the original. Because no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than offset lithographs.

Giclées are produced one at a time. Depending upon their size, this intricate printing process can take up to an hour or more for each print. This process offers one of the highest degrees of accuracy and richness of color available in any reproduction method. The end result is a beautiful reproduction with the look and feel of the original painting.

In the last few years the giclée print has become highly regarded by many of the world's important fine artists, collectors, galleries, and museums. Prominent art museums such as the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York have hosted exhibitions featuring giclée prints.

Limited Edition Prints

I believe a limited edition should be just that. Although it may be more profitable for me to sell “Open Editions” where there is no set quantity, I believe doing so misrepresents the term “limited edition” and diminishes value. It is my policy to strictly fix the number of prints in each edition.

Each signed and numbered print will be delivered to you with the next available edition number along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Once an edition becomes sold out, absolutely no more prints will be produced.

I do not cut corners, and utilize the best fine art printers with whom I work closely to provide the finest reproductions possible. As the artist, I am able to scrutinize every detail in the production of an edition to insure they meet my demanding standards.

I hope to bring collectors and enthusiasts the best in fine art prints. I value my customers and look forward to serving them for many more years to come.